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The following projects are only a selection of the projects that you can support. Please Contact us for information about the other projects you can support or for any other information you need.





Family of Hope Services - feeding program for ca. 250 orphans and vulnerable children


FHS directly supports 450 OVC in Katutura between the ages of 4 – 16 years. The project will help improve nutritional status of 265 children, by providing the following:
- A daily warm meal for 5 days a week is provided to 265 orphans and vulnerable children.
- 4 volunteers that are involved in preparing meals, cleaning and general care of the children at the FHS centre, get a food parcel once a month.
- A health promotor provides growth chart monitoring activities for 50 children.

FHS expects the following results of the feeding program:
- 85% punctuality & improved attendance in schools (checked on school reports).
- 80% growth improvement among the 50 malnourished beneficiaries – (checked through growth charts)

You can donate to our bank account stating code 006.


Feel the rhythm - Rhythm and music session at Bank Windhoek Theatre School

CLaSH - Pre-primary school for deaf children & Early Identification of hearing loss


The objective of CLaSH (The Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing lmpairments of Namibia) is to support special education of children with hearing and speech problems. 

The CLaSH Unit in Khomasdal, Windhoek, is Namibia's only specialised kindergarten for deaf children. A mamximum of 10 children are receiving Montessori education by deaf and hearing teachers.


You can donate to our bank account by stating the code 046.


Feeding and Children Bible Program on Saturdays

Saved to Serve Ministries - Feeding / Bible Education Program + Kindergarten


Pastor Pierre Paul Mutombo is a missionary from DRC. Part of his work is to organize meetings for children aged 5-14 years, where they learn from the Bible, sing songs, do games etc. - using the Child Evangelism Fellowship-program - and get food.

The number of children that attends the Saturday meetings from 10h-12h are around 80. The number of children registered is 224.

They also get food on Tuesdays (12h-15h). Children who want to make use of it can get help with their homework.

Since 2012 once a year 50 children are taken to a camp that is held at Scripture Union’s Shalom Centre. This year it was held in September.

Recently a Kindergarten was also established at the project venue.


You can donate to our bank account by stating the code 054.


Pastor Gaingob and his wife in front of their prayer house

Prayer House of God Ministries - Feeding program, Kindergarten, Orphanage


The Prayer House of God Ministries (PHGM) is set up by pastor Gaingob and his wife. They offer the following services
Feeding: PHGM is providing food to the children of the ‘orphanage’ and twice a week to over 100 persons, mainly children, from the area.
Education: They also started a Kindergarten for children from the area / the orphanage.
Orphanage: PHGM informally adopted around 25 children. 4 of them are disabled.

You can donate to our bank account by stating the code 063


The preschool is held in a church

Paraclete Counselling Mission, Havana - Preschool / feeding program


This project in Havana, Windhoek, offers the following services:
- A feeding scheme, daycare and Pre-primary school for around 30 kids
- After school activities for around 60 school youth
- A support group for women suffering from HIV/Aids and often also from dependency on alcohol and drugs. The support group meets once a week, where they get counselling and training in needle work and craft work.

You can donate to our bank account stating code 071.




Social Upliftment...


Pantry Project (Windhoek) 


Monthly distribution of food for projects that provide food and share the Gospel to under privileged elderly people, homeless people and orphans and vulnerable children.
On a monthly basis the following projects are supported:

- 6 soup kitchens for orphans and vulnerable children (Pastor Naruseb/Laodicea, Acacia Children Trust, Christian Faith Impact Ministries, Mama Anna Foundation, Havana Soup Kitchen, Prayer House of God Ministries)
- 1 old age home (Eastern Court)
- 1 feeding program for homeless (Khomas Homeless Development Org)
- 1 feeding program for elderly (Namibian Christian Women Aid Society)


The projects receive a standard quantity of various sorts of food, like pasta, cooking oil, soup mix, maize meal, sugar, and soap.


You can donate to our bank account by stating code 003. 




(Skills) Training & Job placement ...



Action Child Mobilisation - Pre-primary teacher training


It is the goal of ACM to provide in the need of pre-school training by supplying a Christian-centered curriculum and training teachers until the government can resume their rightful position in this regard.


ACM trains around 50 prospective teachers (2 x 25), during a one week training.


The students are introduced to the ACM curriculum and trained to ensure that they will be able to put the curriculum into practice once back at their respective schools again. All students receive the curricula and lesson plans developed by ACM.


Besides, in November each year ACM distributes school readiness books & printed material, stationery, and the (donated) materials for creative activities, magazines and paper, toys and other educational material, etc. to schools that are registered with ACM.

You can donate to our bank account by stating the code 011.  


Cooking class

Women @ Work


Women at Work offers training in a.o. Home Management. During this six-week course unemployed women are taught life skills, cleaning skills, laundry skills and basic cooking and kitchen skills.


Once a student has completed the course to the complete satisfaction of the trainers, she receives a diploma and her name is added to the employment bureau. The employment bureau takes care of Job placement after the training. The job placement rate is high.


You can donate to our bank account stating code 058.

Latest News:
  New furniture for Onyose Trust

On the Day of the African Child, we paid a visit to Onyose Trust in Khomasdal, Windhoek. Onyose Trust offers day care to disabled children and adults, currently around 25 of them.
Imago Dei donated new furniture that was delivered recently. 

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