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We can help you...


Does your welfare or charity project have to rely on small donations?
Do you spend a lot of your time on fundraising activities and in the end your core work suffers from lack of attention?
Do few people know about you because of your lack of marketing, advertising and promotional abilities?
Do you want to partner and collaborate with others to achieve better results?

If you are interested in our services, please download our application form and guidelines, see the bottom of this page, fill them out and send them to our office. You can also contact us for more information or a visit by our representatives.




How to receive...


Imago Dei knows that voluntary groups and organisations make a major contribution to improving the quality of life for Namibian by addressing disadvantage and poverty in the country.

Our aims is to make it easier for you to get funding to support your good work.

We will help you to better organise your project, to gain credibility and to attract financial resources to support your cause.



Focus on your core purpose...


When you register your project with Imago Dei, you are no longer isolated.
We will list you on an online social market place exposing your project to potential donators and partners.
You will have exposure to more secure long-term funding enabling you to really focus on the core purpose of your project.




Connecting you...


Imago Dei connects the need to receive and the need to give, and will ensure that available funds are mobilized and applied efficiently and effectively to have the optimum impact where it is needed most.

Register your project today or contact Imago Dei for more information

- Imago Dei Application Form (175 kb)

To receive the application form in Word, please contact us at 

- Imago Dei Guidelines (74 kb)

This document explains how to fill out the Imago Dei application form. 

Latest News:
  New furniture for Onyose Trust

On the Day of the African Child, we paid a visit to Onyose Trust in Khomasdal, Windhoek. Onyose Trust offers day care to disabled children and adults, currently around 25 of them.
Imago Dei donated new furniture that was delivered recently. 

  more info >
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