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Individual Giving...


We simplify the process of contributing and give you peace of mind that your contributions are spent effectively towards the causes you've selected.

To donate your money, you can contact us for more information or directly transfer your contribution (stating a specific cause if you wish) to: 


IBAN/account number: 8001 752 633 (Check account)
Name account holder: Imago Dei Welfare and Poverty Relief
Beneficiary: Imago Dei
Address: PO Box 9056, Windhoek, Namibia


Bank Relation
Bank Name: Bank Windhoek
Branch: Windhoek Main Branch
Address: PO Box 15, Windhoek, Namibia


To donate your skills (or the skills of your staff), goods or time towards a cause of your choice...  you can contact us for more information. 




Do you want to give?


Do you want to receive information about needs in your community? Do you want to know about projects that are close to your heart and connect with you? Do you need someone to help you choose what type of care and help you can and want to give? Then Imago Dei is for YOU!

Imago Dei makes it easier for you to enter into a giving relationship and be connected to the charity of your choice.



Maximize corporate giving...


Corporate Social Responsibility is all about corporations and organisations taking into businesses the interests of society.

We can help you with your Corporate Social Responsibility. We connect and build relationships between communities, streamlining the flow of funds and the effective application of funds with better-organised and structured projects.

We can even help you draft a CSR policy of your own if you do not have one.



Does your company want to give?


Do you want to give money to good causes, but haven't got the time to devote to investigating the most deserving ones and ones that best fit your CSR policy? Do you need to receive feedback on how your funds are spent?
Do you want assurance that your funds are going where they are most needed?
Then Imago Dei is for YOU!

Imago Dei ensure that your CSR money is used in the most effective way and will provide you with timely and accurate feedback reports.

Latest News:
  New furniture for Onyose Trust

On the Day of the African Child, we paid a visit to Onyose Trust in Khomasdal, Windhoek. Onyose Trust offers day care to disabled children and adults, currently around 25 of them.
Imago Dei donated new furniture that was delivered recently. 

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